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Prophetic Studies

A degree in Prophetic Studies is crucial for those who have been called beyond the gift and chosen to stand in the Office of Prophet. Prophets are designated by the Lord to guard the legacy, honor, and reputation of the prophetic institution. Our degree programs equip God’s prophets to be Guardians of the Prophetic, Conveyors of Divine truth, Equippers of the Body of Christ, and Protectors of God’s Purchased Possession.

'This program is also beneficial to those seeking to understand the purpose and function of the Prophet.

Apostolic Governance

…the apostle’s mantle spearheads the work of all the Lord’s other ecclesiastical officials within and outside the Christian church~ Dr. Paula Price

The above statement should stress the necessity of apostolic education. This program is designed to take contemporary apostleship beyond typical church ministrations and instill Christ’s mind on the office and function of His apostles.

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