Standardizing and Professionalizing Kingdom Officers to produce competent, credible, and efficient leaders for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Empowering and Authorizing Responsibly

Coast2Coast believes that in order to stem the tide of incompetent and novice (regardless of length of service) leaders in the Kingdom we must shift our current mode of empowering and authorizing. Many of the issues we see with faulty leadership stems from irresponsible authorizations. Coast2Coast believes in proper training and equipping, as well as building the leader in such a way that the Lord will not hesitate to use them and trust them with near discretionary power.  

C2C Apostolic and Prophetic Equipping College

We have been given the mandate to Restore Foundational Integrity. To this end, The Equipping College challenges God’s governmental leader’s at the most base level of their being to Guarantee God A Win. For this to happen, the current leadership and those coming after must endure drastic upgrades~ physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Tracy Waterford

Apostle. Prophetic Navigator. Kingdom Educator.

Tracy Waterford has been raised up by Christ as a powerful prophetic voice for our time. As an Apostle, with a strong prophetic mantle, her focus is on training and equipping the Saints of God. Tracy delivers a relevant and revelatory word which brings forth deliverance and spiritual breakthrough in the lives of God's people. She flows under a unique Apostolic, Prophetic, and Teacher anointing which is effective in breaking barriers and false paradigms in order to build, establish, equip, and prosper those to whom she is called and sent.

Apostle Tracy is the founder and Visionary of Coast2Coast Network, Above Reproach Ministries, and C2C Equipping College. Her mandate by the Lord is to restore foundational integrity by empowering and authorizing kingdom governmental leaders responsibly. To this end, she labors continuously to standardize and professionalize the offices of 1 Corinthians 12:28 in order to produce competent, credible, and efficient leaders whom the Holy Spirit will be able to deploy wherever the kingdom has need of them.

She is the anointed author of Prophets: Ordained by God, Don't Hate Me In My Transition, and The Resurgence of the Mantle, which is used as a prophetic training guide around the globe.


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